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I know a lot of you don’t believe this stuff but all I can say is try it, you have nothing to lose. Unlike all the other fake xbox live code generators out there this one doesn’t require you to download anything. It’s all based online it’s simple. First head over to Second choose the membership duration you want (sometimes you can get free 48 hour xbox live). And lastly click “Redeem” and that’s it. Your code will appear on screen as in the screenshot above and you’re ready to go! I personally just go for a free month of xbox live otherwise I would get to addicted to playing games all day!

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Last words on getting a free month of xbox live

Also I just wanted to say to play nice and not redeem more free xbox live gold codes than you need. could just decide to call it quits and that would be terrible for all of us! The new Xbox one S is here and of course you want to try it out to its max potential. Which is hard to do when you don’t have xbox live. If any of you are having any trouble getting a code over at just let me know. I’ll see if I can help you out, although the process is pretty straightforward so you shouldn’t have any trouble.

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