Oh snap guess who’s back!? Yes I know it’s been a while guys in fact almost a year now! Unbelievable how time flies but you know being busy with school and life in general. Anyways let’s get straight to business. Now a lot of you still keep messaging me that you don’t have xbox live and I just can’t understand why, if you read my other posts you would know you could get free xbox live codes from giveawayman.com. A lot of you keep asking me is xbox live free or where do I get free 12 month xbox live gold and stuff. Well the one and only giveaway man. I just recently got myself a new code from them check out the pic below.

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Just tried again after some time and sure enough another free xbox live code. Hurry up and get one!


Pretty sweet huh? I also messaged these folks to ask if they would be giving away any free 48 hour xbox live in the near future like they did a while back because I know you guys love those so much, still waiting on their response. Guys if you haven’t already go get yourself a free month of xbox live or 3 month or 12 month for all I care, just get em quick! These free xbox live codes go fast but last I checked he was still stocked up so hurry! For those of you who are new giveawayman.com is a pretty sweet website I discovered some time ago, they are the only real working xbox live code generator that I know of. They don’t make you download anything either so no risks of viruses or anything like that. In the past year or so I’ve redeemed a couple free xbox live gold membership codes without any trouble, they were out of stock a few times but they restock pretty quick on xbox live codes, typically every 2-3 days so be patient if they don’t have any immediately. I know your probably wondering how it’s possible for giveawayman.com to be able to afford all these free xbox live gold membership codes to just giveaway for free, well I wrote all about how it’s possible in this post so check it out if you have time. Also just a quick reminder to those of you who are new and may not have time to read my earlier posts about getting free xbox live gold codes, do not take more than you need! Seriously we have a great thing going here and I could just as easily have kept my mouth shut about giveawayman.com but I didn’t because I thought I could trust you guys to not be greedy and take more xbox live codes than you need. I can’t emphasize this enough it would really be a downer if someone ruined this for all of us so please only take the free xbox live gold codes that you need and nothing more. It would really be a pain if we had to start paying for xbox live again so let’s not ruin that.

Final conclusion on Free xbox live codes

Ok so I for those of you who are wondering (especially newbies) does getting free xbox live codes from a generator work? Yes, after a couple years of success now all is still working just as well as the first day so don’t hesitate to take action on getting yourself some free xbox live codes if you have any questions regarding giveawayman.com or how to redeem drop me a message and I’ll see if I can help you out, and hopefully I’ll have some new gaming footage of me and “aquasloth89” pretty soon, until next time guys have fun and stay safe, peace!