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is xbox live free


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Is Xbox Live Free?

Yes, now it is! of course this works for both 360 and xbox one as it doesn’t matter which system you have. the only thing that matters is if you have an xbox live account that’s it. That’s your gamer tag for you folks out there. I know a lot of people have asked me if this place actually email the codes to you or if you download them. Well let me say first off that there is nothing to download, so no risk for a virus or any of that junk. Secondly, no he does not email the codes to you, what happens when you go to giveawayman.com is you actually choose the length of your membership that you want, be it 1 month 3 or 12. From there he gives you the code with the last 5 digits covered fro security (someone standing behind you scenario). Finally you click “redeem” and the last 5 digits are revealed! That’s it, really fast and convenient no hassle to get free xbox live gold codes. Is Xbox Live Free.

Discounted xbox live gold codes?

No as far as I’m aware they’ve always been free, I’m not sure how his site worked before but there was never anything you had to pay. Not sure if that will change in the future but just so long people don’t abuse the system and grab a bunch of codes, we should be okay. If you go to giveawayman and he doesn’t have any xbox live codes available don’t worry he usually restocks every week or so, just keep checking back. If you have any friends wondering “is xbox live free?” well tell them it is now, have fun guys and until next time! oh and don’t forget to watch out for my xbox live game play footage!