Alright I’m back and after a long awaited update and several requests from my subscribers, I’m going to share with you how (or rather “where”) I get free xbox live gold membership codes. This way you won’t have to worry about running out of xbox live gold and can keep having fun all year long. Ok enough rambling, I was hesitant to share where I get my codes from because I don’t want the site to be taken down because of spammers, so promise me you will only use the codes for your own personal use and not take more than you need! Ok drum roll please… There I said it, it really is that simple. I stumbled across this site much like you did when I was looking for free xbox live gold membership codes, the funny thing is a lot of people claimed to give out codes and “generate” codes but they never worked! When I found giveawayman I had my doubts as well but they really pulled through. It was mind boggling when I punched that code into my account and it validated it, I almost didn’t believe it but there it was, and seeing is believing.

( Here’s a screenshot I captured of another successful code redemption)

free xbox live gold codes

Free xbox live gold membership codes for life?

Well so far my friends and I have had no problem redeeming any codes from the site, and the reason is that we are not greedy when it comes to getting free xbox live gold membership codes. Again I ask that you only get an xbox code when you are in need. Don’t try and make a business out of it by selling codes or hogging them up, know why? Well it’s free for us but I’m pretty sure somebody has to pay for those codes and I’m sure that sombebody is So if you find yourself in need of some xbox live gold, then don’t hesitate to head on over to I’ll keep you guys updated with how things go and hopefully I’ll have some exciting game play footage to share with you all. Have fun guys!